Spring is here—and with SPRING BREAK behind us—we think it’s time for a total breakdown of  what you need to get your new season kicked off on the right foot–and while you know we love a good shoe around here—WOMAN CANNOT LIVE ON WEDGE ALONE! We recently paired with two of our favorite up-and-coming fashion and accessory labels for a SPRING BREAK mega-splosion at our Portland Oregon Flagship store. For one night, we gathered Portland’s finest, a kiddie pool of PBR, and a slew of house made jello shots for an insane evening of “girls gone wild” inspired shoe and fashion madnesss with your hosts SOLESTRUCK, SALT WATERY GYPSY and TNEMRODA,

We packed the store with goods from both collections, a new giant assortment of our favorite Spring Footwear and cranked the volume up to 11. We are honored to host both brands this month in our store for a pop-up–showcasing their talent and wears is a giant pleasure for us as  huge fans…um kimono anyone!? So, weather you are considering a TNEMRODA hand customized sunglasses, or trying to figure out how to layer your new SALT WATER kimono—don’t worry–we’ve got you covered right down to your toes!


Soletruck Jello Shots with TNEMNRODA goodness in the background

We would make the worst babysitters in the world.

We keep it cold! TNEMNRODA sunglasses!

SALTWATER KIMONO REALNESS? In love…call our Store in Portland, you can shop this over the phone with them!

Sending a giant thank you and shout out to both SALTWATER GYPSY and TNEMNRODA for partnering with our flagship store for this event. We currently have selections from each collection in stock for your shopping pleasure. If you are not in PORTLAND but find your self in need—don’t worry, we got you, just contact the store!