Stomp On Your Life.


Yup, that over-the-cherry-on-top black kid y’all love to hate!


Haha… there I go again, pursuing my mega-bitch-femme-rapper alter ego. Apologies.


Before we embark upon MAGIC Trade Show memory lane part deux, let’s start by getting this outfit out the way; because, I mean, it’s ferøsh.





I decided to kick it up a notch (or 6.5 inches to be exact) and kick these bad bitches on. Jeffery Campbell Shadow Studs: No regrets.  I got them a few weeks before MAGIC, and my mother was steaming mad. Why? Because one, my whole check went towards ‘em (typical shoe addict problem), and two, they’re heels.


Boys, as you know, aren’t supposed to wear elevated shoes. *Shrugs.


Day 2: I met Team Solestruck for breakfast at The Café, where I opted for a simple bagel and Ty publicized me on Solestruck’s Instagram, telling me I was giving him Grace-Jones-Anna-Wintour realness. #dies


Post bagel, back to business. We strolled through Capsule, booths peering at us with eager eyes. Serious Anna Wintour moment with the head honcho, Ty, and my favorite lavender-head-cat-lover Sarah. Oh by the way, I heard you ladies eagerly wanted the Studs Loafer by Caminando in women’s sizes… and well HUNAY WE GOT THEM! WEEERRRKKK!







Capsule surely convinced me that Team Solestruck is obsessed with their customers. OBSESSED. Watching Ty repeatedly tell vendors that “THIS IS OUR GIRL/GUY” or “THIS ISN’T OUR GIRL/GUY,” referring to, well, us. My heart was warmed. Solestruckers, you are going to be amazed by what’s to come for Fall ’12 and Spring ’13.



For breakfast, a lovely bagel. For lunch, a ravenous stuffing of ribs. Soon enough, another magic-al day had come to a end.


Until next time Solestruckers.





  • Bobbie Austin

    love everything about this
    I especially love the first photo
    he rocked those Jeff Camps!