Stray Magazine loves Black Milk and Litas– and so do we, duh!

Stray {df} Verb.

“To deviate from the direct course, leave the proper place, or go beyond the proper limits.”

Stray Magazine is a tumblr based mag out of Australia and if you aren’t aware of them yet, you need to check it out right this minute. In their own words, “Stray is an Australian independent non-for-profit magazine run by a group of young people setting out to showcase up-and-coming creative talent amongst others already established”, but in our opinion, it’s much more than that; it’s the epitome of awesome and the source of some of the coolest, most effortless editorials around. Take a peek below for one of their most recent editorials featuring Black Milk and some Jeffrey Campbell Litas and Lita Spikes!

Models: Courtenay & Pelagie @ GIANT Management
Stylist: Megan Desmond using Black Milk Clothing
Assisting stylist: Clara Soukar
Make up: Sarah Baxter
Hair: Bonnie Taylor
Photography & retouching: Stephanie Cammarano

  • Sami

    Fantastic shoot! BM and JC are a perfect match you are helping some true ;D

    Any idea what the print name is for the last picture?
    Those leggings are fantastic!

  • Amy

    ^ The leggings and swimsuit in the last picture are Bees! and they are even more fantastic in person.