Strike A Pose.

Greetings Solestruckers!

As you guys might have been wondering (and by “you guys” I mean “people I stopped in the middle of MAGIC because I haaaaaad to take a picture of their outfits”), your post is finally here. Before I begin bragging about how much I love “you guys,” I would like to claim my territory and declare that these boys are my new boyfriends; and girls my new girlfriends. I got it like that boo.

Usually when attending MAGIC, I find myself surrounded by hype beasts, Bulls snapbacks, Jordans, etc. You get the drill. Perhaps it’s because I was traveling with THE Solestruck crew, but this MAGIC experience exposed me to the amazing specimines below: and most of them were Solestruckers! Haha.

Sex On Fire.

Excuse me, sir, but are those teddy bears?

Fellow round-glasses lover.

No other way to wear a Boy London tee.

Rockabilly? Biker? Gypsy? Goth? WHO CARES!

Adidas kicks add instant athleticism.

The bag or the shirt. One of them have to be mine.


You lovely little lolita looking goth doll.

A top knot never looked so dapper.

This is what I imagine a NYC lumberjack looks like.

Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane in neon pink.


Jeffrey Campbell X Black Milk X Solestruck

A few weren’t into having their picture taken, but by the time I built up their confidence enough they were ¬†struttin’ away, flipping their hair.

WERQUE your personal style!

Till next time,

- Grizzelle