Stuck In Between

In December, we went on a buying trip to Asia, seeking new lines, collections, and opportunities for 2013. We set out with a huge suitcase and a mission for more shoes! On our first day in Hong Kong we stumbled upon the HK based line In Between at one of our favorite street style shops. The full lifestyle collection of apparel, accessories and shoes for him and her, began to haunt us, and luckily we were  able to snag an appointment with the creators of the line on our way back out of Asia. At that point, we were able to secure the line for the site, and we should expect a few styles in by next month. The first style, OLIVIA, is on pre-sale now, while we not-so-patiently wait for the rest of the styles to come in from Hong Kong. The collection is highlighted by a hyper clean visual, very high end materials, trims and details, as well as insane comfort.

The pleated leather, and slouchy ankle wedge bootie creates an amazing shape on the foot. The butter like leather is free to slouch and bunch creating a perfect shape, and very forward style, as seen below. We love the back corset/cording  detail, and the comfort of this shoe is like an 11 on a scale of 1-10. stay tuned as we will be delivering several other styles as part of our initial offering from In Between.