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We’re looking for our next batch of photo studio interns and we want it to be YOU! To apply for this amazing position, we need you to do something amazing for us- we want you to be creative and proactive. Show us why you would be a good fit for our studio and what you have to bring to the table. We’re looking for anyone from shoe stylists to photo editors, and of course, photographers! So don’t feel like you can’t apply just because you don’t know what an F-stop is. You’ll get to work on some awesome photo shoots, as well as have a chance to work around some pretty amazing people.. and the best part.. SHOES!

To apply, please make us something- ANYTHING! Just make sure that it showcases your skills and gives us an understanding of what you’re capable of. This internship will start soon so you only have a short time to come up with something great. How you that project to us is up to you- the only lead you get is our studio’s email address:

The fine print: must be located in Portland, OR


  • Elliot Schiff

    Are you guys willing to fly people out there if they do not currently live in Oregon?

    • Shelley

      Sorry, not since this is just for an internship

  • Breanna C

    So yes, I’m going to apply for sure! But so vague…… should I send you a shit ton of pictures in an email? Or should I get your studio’s address and send you chocolate & Lomo cameras?! idk I guess I’ll figure it out. haha

  • Elle

    When does the internship start? How long does it last? Is it a paid internship?

  • Natalie S.

    Is this a paid internship?