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We bought four 18 packs of beer and a bottle of vodka – for you. We gathered up our hot employees and friends in my backyard – for you. We proceeded to get #turnt in the baking heat – for you. But you know what? While my arms were literally bubbling from the first of summer sunburn I’d acquired, I had to think to myself..  ”Ahhhhhh, this is what summer’s all about”. Cause let’s be honest here, what’s more synonymous with summer than getting wasted with your friends OUTSIDE?

Nothing, that’s what.
Unless you’re underage, in which case we do not condone breaking the law, so go away <3

So, for your summer enjoyment and to make sure you’re gettin’ out and doin’ shit, we’ve put together a ‘bible’ of our favorite drinking games, complete with helpful instruction on how to play them.

>>>>>>>See bottom of post for contest details!<<<<<<<<

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1) Paper Bag


1 Paper Bag
1 Beer / Drink in Hand


How to play:
This one’s pretty low-key, yet very effective. Take a paper bag and set it on the ground. The object of the game is to reach down and grab the paper bag using only your mouth. Seems easy enough, but you have to do this while holding your drink in one hand and standing on one leg. Not only do you get the satisfaction of seeing your friends fumble, trying to bite a paper bag, but if the person does not successfully grab hold of the bag, they have to drink and keep trying until they finally do; so lay down the pressure via cheering or bashing, depending on how much of a dick you are. Once the bag is grabbed, tear a piece of the paper bag off for the next person to have a go. Bend. Grab. Repeat.

2) Minesweeper


16 Shot Glasses


How to play:
16 shot glasses in a 4 x 4 formation. Fill 8 with water, and 8 with vodka. Player take turns picking one shot glass of water or vodka–nobody knows because you’ve mixed them all up. The best part of this game is the surprised reactions of your fellow players – they think they’re getting water, but the mortified looks on their faces tell you otherwise. I’m just assuming here that everyone hates shots of vodka as much as I do.

3) Drunk Jenga


Set of Jenga

20140717-2V3A8995_shitty photoshop

How to play:
Taking childhood games and using them to make your friends do terrible things – so good! This one takes more creativity because you’ve got to write an action on each and every Jenga piece, but the results are so worthwhile. Go tame or go fully truth-or-dare with it – it’s up to you. Obviously, the actions should involve some kind of drinking activity. Whoever knocks down the Jenga tower is not only weak, inferior and the drunkest, but they also have to drink their entire drink.. or all of your drinks?! Again, you decide.

4) Wizard Staff


A lot of beer
Duct tape


How to play:
This one’s for the high-tolerance players out there. Longevity is key. So is trying not to spill half of your beer on you. The obective is to create the longest beer staff with your empty beer cans. Finish one beer, tape it to the previously downed beer, and keep on keepin’ on. The taller your staff, the more respect.. and maybe the more trips to the bathroom. At the end of the night, or next morning tbh, whoever has the tallest stack of cans is declared the Wisest Wizard. Wise = massively hungover. This can be played in conjunction with other drinking games – you know, like multitasking or whatever.

5) Thumper




How to play:
A good ol’ don’t-fuck-this-up-or-i’ll-kill-you memorization game. The object of the game is to keep a chain of hand signals going. Everyone will choose a hand gesture or hand motion as their “signal.” so go around and establish your symbols. The game starts with everyone thumping on the table and the elected first player yelling out (you respond):

“What’s the name of the game?”
“What are we here to do?”

As everyone continues thumping, the player will first perform their signal, followed by another’s. That player resumes thumping, while the signaled player will follow suit by doing their signal, and then another’s. The chain continues. The person who messes up the chain will drink. If clearly apparent who in the group is the most inebriated, try to target them. After all, we are here to get fucked up.

6) Evil Kenevil


18 Pack of Beer
4+ Shot Glasses
1 Larger Glass
1 Quarter


How to play:
Evil Kenevil is the most difficult of the games, but it’s a great photo opp, so make sure you’ve got your phone handy. It’s essentially the classic “quarters” gamre, but you have to wear an empty case of beer on your head. Because you’re crazy, and you’re cool. Set the shot glasses up in front of the larger glass and get properly attired. Bounce the quarter off the table and attempt to get it into the large cup. If successful, you get to pass out the shots to the other players, but if you miss, you must take the shots yourself. So be a hero, and get your mates wasted!

7) Edward 40 Hands


2 40oz Bottles of Beer
Duct Tape


How to play: 
Ahhhh, a classic. Tape two 40s to your hands and commence drinking. Sounds like a no-brainer, but once you fully realize and accept that you’ve lost all function of your hands other than for the sole purpose of finishing those damn 40s – it gets real. Try going to the bathroom. Try opening a door. Try falling and breaking your fall with two glass bottles. Goal: finish those things as fast as you can. Prize: new appreciation for your hands and all they do for you.

8) Whisper


Strong urge to truly embarrass your friends


How to play:
Whisper is the kind of game that really encourages you to mess with your friends. One player will whisper a who-question (ex: who’s the most likely to have a one night stand tonight?)  into the ear of the player next to them. Whomever the question was whispered to will loudly announce the name of the person they think best fit the bill. The person who’s name is announced must drink, without knowing why. Go through the group until everyone has asked somebody a question. At the end, everyone will take turns fessing up about their questions, and hilarity will ensue. 

9) Drunk Ring Toss


Ring Toss Kit
Loads of beer/alcohol


How to play:
Take standard ring toss, and add beer. Want to get shwasted super fast? Play this game, because it is nearly impossible to catch one of those freaking rings around a freaking pole, and you have to drink each time you miss. In other words, this is a losing battle. Which means you’re #winning. Pro tip: make each person take a shot for every time they miss. Then get your sharpies ready, because they’ll probably pass out in 20 minutes.

10) Mexicali


2 Dice
1 Cup


How to play:
Essentially, it’s Bullshit but with dice. You roll two dice in a cup, slam it down on the table, then carefully lift it up so only you can see the results. Conjoin the numbers together (ex: 1 and 4= 41, because the highest number goes first) and announce what you have. The following player will roll the dice and announce a number higher than yours, but it is your job to decide whether they’re bluffing or not. If you correctly call their bluff, they drink. If they did in fact roll higher than you, or you fall for their bluff, then you drink. So here’s where it gets official:

- If you roll a 21, that’s Mexicali and it beats any roll
- If you get caught bluffing a Mexicali, you have to down your whole drink
- 31 is a reverse, so the order will switch directions
- 32 is social, everybody drinks
- If you roll the same two numbers (ie: 2 and 2), then multiply the number by 100 (your final roll is 200)

11) Text or Shot


Shot Glasses
Cell Phones
A keen knowledge of everyone’s dirty secrets

20140717-2V3A9315 copy

How to play:
This was by our favorite game of the day. Each person has a shot glass placed in front of them (ideally with whatever alcohol they hate the most) and everyone’s phones are placed in the middle of a table. Everyone will grab a phone (not your own) and draft a text message to anyone in the owner’s contact list. Once everyone has drafted their devious texts (don’t send them on accident!!! if you do, you lose, and you take everybody’s shots because you ruined the game), hand the phones back to their owners–but don’t read them yet. One by one, everyone will go around and read their drafted text out loud. That person will then have to decide to either send the evil text message, or take their show. We had a few people join in who weren’t as familiar with the others, so we allowed an advisor – someone who knows that person much better – to help them select a contact/text.  GO FOR IT.



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Whatchu gotta do:

Email us at with your funniest party story and / or your funniest party pic. Funniest story or pic wins! And I mean rolling on the floor, can’t breathe, shame for life kinda stuff here. Don’t hold back!
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Fine print:

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Have fun and remember to please #summer responsibly.

  • Jennifer Aull

    Story 1: I have this running and drinking club that I do in St. Louis called the Big-Hump. The city has both Missouri and Illinois -so we did a MO v. IL team drunken extravaganza. We changed Edward 40 Hands into a relay race you had to eat bananas from someone’s crotch then chug a beer, eat grapes from someone’s crotch then chug a beer, and other things like edible underwear and chug a beer, etc….. then the team each had to drink 40oz beers to win. Winners took home Edward Penis Hands Porn video —gently used. The best part was when our friend (name left out on purpose) was so drunk at the end she chipped her tooth.

    Story 2: Same group of friends do a green dress run. Everyone is in a green dress ( 10 players on each team –The game is played in relay-race fashion. The first player on each team must slam an entire beer, run 30 yards to their baseball bat, place one end on the ground, the other end on their forehead, run 10 circles around the bat, then run back to the next person in line who repeats the process. Game play continues until everyone on one team has run three times, or someone suffers a compound fracture of the femur. Needless to say, in green dresses, this game crazy. Making it worse, when we left the ghetto park– some kids threw dirty diapers at us from the houses across the street. Here’s a video for your proof:

    I could go on and on in regard to drunk stories playing the above stupid games (Including the Jenga game where someone put on a block to lick a cat and eat a spoon of mayonnaise). Taking the Megabus to chicago with the group and getting kicked off because we were too drunk and then taking the Amtrak instead and drinking all of the alcohol on the train so we called a taxi cab driver to meet us at the next stop to bring us a case of beer.

    I could go on and on with crazy, hilarious stories but it’s best of you experiences one of these epic events in person. (All stories are true and our group even has our own wiki page: