It’s hot, and the sun can be a real bitch sometimes, but I’m significantly tanner than normal… landing me somewhere between Pasty and Bronze Goddess. Sweating buckets over here, but who gives a shit?! It’s summer! It’s the most wonderful time of year!

Welcome to Part 2 of our #getoutanddoshit celebration: THE PERFECT SUMMER ACTIVITY GUIDE. Because I promise you, there is more to do than going to bars and restaurants all season long.

>>>>>>>See bottom of post for contest details!<<<<<<<<


1) Sidewalk chalk mural

Feel like a kid again. Instagram that shit. All you need is a sidewalk, some chalk, and boredom. CHEAP!

2) Lemonade stand! But don’t actually sell anything.

You might get some great reactions. Plus, your overhead costs are, like, nothing.


3) Water gun war.

This shit cools you down reeeaaal quick. Bust out the water balloon grenades. And remember kids:


4) Swing, DUH.


5) Build a sand city, and stomp all over it.



6) Shopping-cart drag race your friends

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.00.59 PM

just get outta the street, you jackass.

7) Karaoke in the park

Bring a boombox, a fake mic, and go HAM.
You’ll get some looks, and you’ll love it.


8) Break a World Record

You can LITERALLY do anything. Check out challenges here.

9) Beer-fueled river float

It’s a simple recipe: beer, friends, floating device, and river.
Tie everyone together (or hold hands) and float away.


10) Hotdog eating contest

Chicken sausages if you’re watching them calorie counts?
Have every candidate pitch in for a proper prize.

11) Get a hula-hoop. JUST DO IT.


12) Grown-up Capture The Flag

Get out of the backyard, set your flags in a deserted lot, strategically organize your teams, and have at it.


13) Silent disco

Synchronize mp3 players among friends, get out open space, put your headphones on, and press play.

14) Boozey popscicles

The perfect treat for a hot Saturday afternoon.


15) Duck, Duck, Goose…?

I mean, I think this is the proven formula for fun.


So there you have it.
Have fun, be creative, and get active.
It looks like I have my next few weekends planned out nicely.



Now for the FREE SNEAKERS portion of the program.

Whatchu gotta do:

1) Leave a comment below with your favorite wacky, or otherwise, summer activity.

2) Make sure to include your email address.

Whatchu get:

Any pair of shoes from our Summer Sneaker Takeover!
Obvi, they gotta be available in your size, cause sadly, we can’t do magic! Click HERE to pick your potential loot!

Fine print:

Entries only taken from comments on this blog post

Contest ends next Thursday 7/24

Winner contacted via email on Friday 7/25




  • Carollina Dupin

    I’m totally into water balloon fight , but the #5 “Build a sand city on the beach and then pretend like you’re Godzilla” sounded completely like me because I love this kind of stuff and I also believe that I was a dinosaur (maybe a vegetarian one but still a dino) and this tottally matches my “old times” then.

  • Imelda

    During summer, I love going to the train station withiout planning where I am going and discover new beautiful places!

  • Sydney Olivia McDonald

    Head over to Indian Springs Ranch to participate in my favorite event at their annual summer Olympics, kissing Clyde the Camel!

  • Caro Krol

    My favourite summertime activity: skinny dipping & pool hopping!! FUN WITH BOOZE CATS AND FRIENDS!

  • Chio Burga

    My favorite summer activity is going kayaking or paddle boarding with friends and beers!! Lots of fun!.. And my favorite shoe would be the Open Ceremony in Old Navy (size 9).

    Thank you!!

  • Claire

    Making coconut milkshakes and late-night bowling (mostly so I get to wear gr8 bowling shoes)

  • Claudia Cukrov

    Breaking open the fire hydrant and sitting on the spout = party.

  • K.B.

    Usually my favorite summer activity is riding my rainbow colored unicorn across the diamond studded beaches of my personal tropical paradise island that I co-own in a dimension adjacent to Orion’s Belt. But if the unicorns are tired I usually can be found enjoying a nice game of croquet with the cabana boys, all of us in short shorts and tank tops matching the colors of our respective Heathers (me=Veronica Sawyer) whilst the smell of pizza being cooked by one of the pet dragons wafts in the summer air and Irreplaceable by Beyoncé plays on repeat all day interspersed with the sounds of Hawaiian Fruit Punch waterfalls, cabana boy laughter, and haters taking Goddess Beyoncé’s advice and moving to the left off of the islands cliffs into the hellish pits of obscurity : )

  • Frances

    My favorite summertime thing to do is something I will actually be doing this August long weekend which is buying a bunch of polarized brightly coloured wayfarer sunglasses and packets of coloured corn starch and having a colour fight by the lake!

  • JaZmin

    Playing booty tag in the woods.

  • Alexis Foo

    Gonna throw my annual Ice cream party!
    Where the Appetizer: Ice cream
    Main course: Ice cream
    Dessert: Ice cream

    The best part about being the host is sampling all the ice cream

  • Jazmin

    Play ride the bus card game

  • jazmin

    make jelly shots

  • Sara Brumbelow

    My friends and I have patio dinner parties. We get really dressed up for each other. And play this game I made up as a kid called “Happy Eyes, Sad Mouth”. You make one facial expression with your eyes and another expression with your mouth. But we get really into it. Ex: Sexy eyes, vomit mouth… Excited eyes, blowjob mouth… You’d be surprised how silly you look and how many times you’ll have to keep from pissing yourself. Try it! Lol

  • Lorna

    Have a water balloon or water gun might with your friends.
    Enjoying Summer!

  • Sarah M

    Hang out in the front of a club and hand out condoms. Nothing is sexier than protected sex. Trust me, I’m an April baby

  • Sarah M

    Can’t make it to the beach? No biggie. Tan on the rooftop of your job. There are no cameras up there and you can tan nude without remorse. The higher the building, the closer to the sun ;)



  • Kim

    A water fight with friends! :)

  • Valia Georgiadi

    Wake up naked.
    Sip my frozen coffee naked in the garden.
    Yeah, its hot in Greece!
    Neighbours…deal with it!

  • kirsty

    Hide and seek in the dark… But I always get caught because I like to sing blur in the dark, it’s comforting!

  • Lamia

    Hot dog eating contest \m/

  • Naim S.

    Running while trying to find shelter from the sun. Also: melting.

  • Lexie Henriquez

    Playing beach volleyball

  • Nia Dobson

    Eating weed brownies and washing them down with liquor slushies!! Putting on my best shoes to wash all the hot boys play basketball!

  • Asiah Thomas

    My favorite summer activity is a massive game of manhunt downtown after dark. It’s like hide and seek, but with teams and ammo in the middle of the Holy City. We have water ballons to throw when you see the other team. We usually do boys verses girls, and the girls usually win. Losers have to buy drinks!

  • MJ Moore

    Have a watermelon seed-spitting contest. Points can be awarded for distance, hitting various targets, etc. Bonus points for hitting a sibling in the back of the head!

  • Sarah

    On really hot days, borrow/rent pliers from your local hardware store to open the fire hydrant. #blockparty

  • cindy b

    tubing behind a boat!

  • Nadia

    I like drinking wine with my best friend and talk about all the stuff we could be doing instead of just sitting there and enjoying our drinks- we never really do them, but hey, it gives us something to think about.

  • Hussy

    Naked sunbathing.

  • Aya

    Make a watermelon vodka punch. Emphasis on the vodka

  • Catie

    boozy brunch and pdx flea markets

  • Lkroya

    Making an itinerary of local business’ automatic sprinkler activation, so you can BIKE THROUGH THOSE!!

  • Mia L

    The best summer activity by far is kickin’ it back with friends, along with long walks on the Wildwood boardwalk! With the perfect soles you’ve got a happy soul, that’s the summer motto :P

  • Katie H

    When and if i’m lucky enough to see the ice cream man, chasing him down so that I can get one of those strawberry shortcake bars. Or two.

  • AlexisSplash

    Playing UNO as a drinking game. It’s fun and cheap, lol

  • Jai

    Eating New Things… had a Bacon & Chocolate Milkshake Yesterday which btw was Delicioso!
    Deep Fried Ice Cream… FYI I’m a Veganish (Veggies & Fish) I’m living a little this Summer! Last Summer in my 20′s.

  • Khori M

    Besides DIYing the shitty clothes I find, going out and dancing in the rain/storm with my feet out is perfection

  • Isabel

    If you have an extra $100, go to the park & try to convince a stranger to get your name tattooed on them by offering to pay for it. I’d do it.

  • Sarah J

    All male wet t-shirt contest and I have the hose<3

  • Britny Gledhill

    Making frozen vegan desserts like coconut cookie dough truffles! They are a great cold treat at any summer time BBQ :)

  • Name

    Painting yr nails while toplessly tubing behind a boat!

  • Nibbi

    Have a camping potluck! Get some friends together for a weekend camping trip, and on the last day everyone should get in pairs to make a dish. They can each bring one ingredient from home, but the twist is everything else in whatever they make must have been foraged from nature during the trip (and edible of course)! Such a fun way to bond with buds! See how creative things can get!

  • Jodie L

    face painting and pimms in the park. heaven.

  • Arturo Gimeno

    My favourite crazy summer activity is riding my bike for hours on end along the beach, getting to the end and skinny dip. There is never anyone there to see!! Then hop back home on the bike. this is my absoute FAVE thing to do in summer!

  • Sabrina

    Duck, Duck, Goose! an all time classic!

  • Helen

    Favorite thing to do in the summer time is go the beach after dark with friends or a *friend’ take a dip in the ocean and dry out on a towel star gazing to your hearts content – clothing optional of course ;)

  • Weaam

    Where I live, it is ridiculously hot and humid during the day so if you don’t want to burn your only skin suit you’ll have to stick to indoor places during the summer. Thats why my friends and I love being at malls and walking into stores and pretending not to know the language. Everyone gets a kick out of it and sometimes we get free drinks from juice stands. Win-win situation.

  • Charmaine

    My favourite summer activity is outdoor laser tag with the girls. IN HEELS.
    It’s a KILLER, I swear. We throw caution to the “appropriate attire” dress code EVERY TIME.

    After that, it’s full body massages all round topped off with an awesome mani session at my favourite nail place. :D Super fun stuff.

  • Marie

    I just came back from Holland where I spent two weeks shopping, partying and relaxing in the sun. My favorite activity during that summer vacation? Night swimming! I just loved floating in the North Sea, enjoying an ice-cold beer with friends while the sun was setting and turning the sky into a shimmery pink-orange.