Summer Instagram Checklist


Your forearms are baking. The heat of the asphalt radiates through the soles of your sneakers. Your armpits are sweating enough to literally irrigate an entire village. It’s Summer. IT’S SUMMER!!!

Lift your spirits and that flat ass off that couch, because it’s time to GET OUT & DO SHIT.

But getting and doing seem to mean nothing these days if not appropriately documented on instagram, right? RIGHT. So because we love you, and want you to look like you’re having the most action-packed summer of all your friends, we’ve made you a cheat-sheet. There are a few must-have images to include on your insta feed, and we’ve broken them down for you.

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1) The exploring-the-world shot


Key points: full body shot off-center, encapsulated by vast nature. Bored expression adds indie flavor.

The earth is your playground. The weather’s nice, and you can’t stop. In fact, you won’t stop. You’re basically living Travel Channel. SHOW THE CITY KIDS WHO’S #BOSS

2) The pensive cityscape


Key points: shot from behind, head upright. Tip: think Oprah.

You love your city; and man, sometimes, you just take a step back and soak it all in. Because you’re deep, and sensitive. Good ol’ home sweet home.

3) The “beach with tha homies” shot


Key points: have friends, and frolic. As shown above.

If you aren’t beaching with your best buds, then you’re not doing Summer right. Feel that sand from under your shoes–but don’t take them off. Only basic bitches actually feel sand between their toes.

4) Artistic ice cream 


Key points: ice cream centered in shot, one hand, heavy filtering. 

Everyone has ice cream in the summer. But you? You’re on a different level. You’re on that Michelin Star shit. Your ice cream is artsy, fartsy, and looks perfect next to a #VSCO tag– so go ahead, flaunt it. Flaunt your classy taste.

5)  The sexy pool selfie


Key points: don’t do whatever the guy on the left is doing.

Maybe the water’s freezing. Maybe you’re in a baby pool only 2 feet deep, in your underwear,  just trying to snap a picture before the life guards kick you out. Well, it’s still a pool, and you still need to include a pool selfie in your instagram for a true summer feed. So do what you have to do, and get in there–just try not looking like you’re constipated, OK?

6) The #lavenderselfie


Key points: travel to Portland, find a field of lavender, stand in it.

This is a trend, right? #Lavenderselfie?

7) The inspirational summer note


Key points: artistically ripped notebook paper, a bright blue sky, touching phrase.

Live, Laugh, Love. Summer.

8) The 3/4 NOMS picture


Key points: Cover approximately 3/4 of your mouth with your summer grub, then snap.

You’re wild. You’re. so. WILD! It’s summer, and you #NOM like there is no tomorrow! Go for it! You only #YOLO once!

9) Summer DRANKS


Key points: alcohol shot off-center, beams of sunlight.

Okay, I’m semi-serious with this one. Alcohol and summer go hand-in-hand in fiery magic: like Solange and Jay-Z perhaps. Show off your choice libation with artistic flair. Feel free to caption “#selfie”

10) The Ariana Grande


Key points:



But above all, jokes aside, please enjoy your summer.

And if we have any real advice for you, it’d be to GET OUT, AND DO SH*T this year! Didn’t you hear Michelle Obama? “Let’s move!”


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