My first summer love started with a moving truck; it was about to be my freshman year in high school and we had just pulled up to the new abode. Across the street stood a group of people, boys, boys my age to be exact; they were brothers, but one in particular caught my eye. He was blonde, sitting on the front step, holding up a skateboard. My flirting style isn’t exactly brave- I flashed a half witted smile and looked away; he returned the move.

Our kitchen window faced directly toward their house and his bedroom window was front and center. Not as exciting as it sounds; I’d make sure to always volunteer for dishes and return to the sink for a glass of water, hoping to see him and more importantly, for him to see me so we could exchange the smiles. We were quickly moving up to waves and small talk; this went on for weeks. It was obvious we were both playing the same game. One day, it finally happened- he invited me to the river with his friends. I was so nervous, but naturally obliged. It was fun, he was a gentleman (so my freshman mind thought) and did the usual gestures- helping me up a steep bank and splashing water at me- typical, but it was enough to win me over. We ended the day by slinking off to a nearby park where no one ever came to play.

From that day on, it was all my heart could do not to explode from how much I thought I loved him. Once school started, I would make up excuses to hitch a ride home early with him. He was a senior, so there was an expiration for whatever it was we we/weren’t. It never got serious and it never evolved into anything more than a summer love tale, but I’ll certainly never forget it.

Unfortunately, at 14, I didn’t look as awesome as I thought I did, so here’s what I WISH I was wearing that day:

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