SUMMER LOVE. The contest.

We, like many others the world/internet over, were collectively inspired last week by Frank Ocean’s gorgeously written tumblr announcement. Beyond the brave declaration itself, it got us reminiscing about our own past love stories. The Summer Love anecdote is a classic—mostly because we’ve almost all experienced our own version. While exact events might not be the same, the aftermath tends to follow a similar pattern.

Let’s just say, you never forget your first summer love.

Seeing as we are in said season of the hour, we thought it was the perfect time to do a giveaway to honor summer love stories past. To win, tell us your personal Summer Love story in 300 words or less. Then create a polyvore set of your dream summer outfit featuring a pair of Solestruck shoes (ya know, the one you WISH you were wearing back in the day).

Email entries to

3 Winners will win:
1 pair of shoes of their choice from solestruck (under $200)
1 pair of PROOF bamboo sunglasses with matching case


(below is Frank Ocean’s summer love story, posted to his tumblr)

Deadline to enter is  FRIDAY, JULY 13th

  • Violet

    Well. I never really believed in love. or anything like that. I found myself to be more of a free spirit than to be attached to someone in a monogamous way. But, one summer evening I found myself at a party, drinking sangria and feeling rather good, for a change. I met someone who I instantly started to have feelings for. Maybe because we shared the same interest in all things obscure (music and films). It wasn’t long before we were biking everyday, going to the cinema, holding hands and all that fun stuff. When we parted ways for the summer I went to my cottage in a secluded area and he went off to Barcelona we kept in touch via emails (and letters!). He happened to be a photographer so he always took artsy photos of me and such. He sent me photos by letter and wrote little sayings like “this day you wore a cute outfit and your laughter was endearing”. We both decided to take a lot of photos on our trips and journal so we could share our experiences vicariously. I was back in my home city after escaping for the summer and I didn’t know he had returned before me (he kept it a secret). He surprised me with a bunch of heartfelt gifts and we spent the rest of the summer together. It was really lovely.

  • Jamie

    We met briefly in London, but nothing started until he came to the west coast. Our flirtation had grown through emails and phone conversations, growing bolder as our temporary time together came closer. I picked him up in San Francisco, and we drove straight to Seattle. June gloom made the drive especially cuddly, all sweaters and hand holding and leg grazing up the I-5. The trip was short, he was visiting for a less than a week, and when he went back to France, it would be the end. For five days, we played every role imaginable. I was hostess, tour guide, lover, friend. We lay in bed talking and sharing everything. The short-lived nature of our relationship allowed us to be ourselves, to be honest and open and to receive the other’s affection freely.
    On the final day, I drove him to the airport with an odd sense of jealousy. I knew he’d be going home to a life without me, and together we’d find other people, we’d spend time with other friends, and our lives would no longer be connected. But in that jealousy was happiness, the sort of happiness that comes from having something to remember from someone that can make you jealous. We still email occasionally, mostly just sharing the wish that one day we’ll meet again.

  • Manon W.

    Hi ! Thank you for this contest, I send you my contribution by e-mail.
    Have a good day :)

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