Survival kit.

I guess that everyone has got a piece of clothing, that reminds him about the childhood and these aren’t necessarily the good memories. And sometimes it’s really hard to change your mind about it. You just can’t let yourself wear that piece, when you’re older. In my case it’s a puffy jacket. I can recall myself, age 6, wearing huge lilac puffy jacket during winter time, which made me look like a tiny snowman and was damn uncomfortable.  I was kinda afraid to wear jacket like this in my “grown up life”, but one though came to my mind… “It’s minus million degrees outside and you gonna freeze, so put on this damn jacket. Even if it’s too colorful.“. So there I was – with few thick layers on, in the middle of a snowy park, looking like P. Diddy. Yeah, I’m that obvious – words “puffy jacket” instantly bring to my mind Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy. So I’m coming back to the musical subjects in the outfit post once again. But I guess that these Miista May boots mixed with puffy jacket are gangsta enough for him. Peace out.

[jacket - nikita, dress - topshop unique ss'10, boots - Miista May, bag - zara]

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