Some days she’ll say her music sounds like “Johnny Cash circa 2020″ The next, she’s alluding it to “a Bar Mizvah mixtape.”

The only way to accurately capture SZA’s hypnotic music in words is to first press play. Then, light approximately ten joints. Then, bust out your phone and record the eeeeuuuuuuuuurrrrrffffffffffs and bbbbvvvvllllaaaaaaaahhhhhhs that spill from your mouth as you ingest the smooth audio sex. It’s through those mumbles and those mumbles only that one begins to describe the dangerously seductive essence of SZA.


But if you don’t live in Denver or Seattle (because duh, we’re law-abiding people here at Solestruck) or you don’t like getting high out of your mind, then let me try to break it down:

One year ago, 22-year-old Solana Rowe was working at Sephora with just an earpiece in her ear and thoughts in her head. Today, she has emerged as SZA (pronounced sizzah): the first east-coaster and female to be signed by Top Dawg Entertainment among by the likes of Kendrick Lamar and SchoolBoy Q.

But with any artist whose image and story are perhaps just as fascinating as their talent, it’s no wonder many suspect her a product of hype. She’s even said so herself: ”I don’t know if I’m perceived as a ball of hype, or if niggas really fuck with me. All I know is I have a duty to deliver something brilliant, the best that I can come up with. This project is all of me delivered in the most vivid way possible.

The “project” that SZA speaks of is her new album “Z,” which dropped literally, like, just now. Nobody’s cleaned it up yet–it’s right there, fresh, on the floor.

And after listening to the whole album, I say with the upmost conviction:
SZA, I fucks with you.


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  • Paige

    Solestruck, you guys are the SHIT!! I have been listening SZA music for the past 6 to 7 months now non-stop!! I love her hypnotic, smooth voice!! This is why I will always love you Solestruck!!