As you know—we recently partnered with the Swedish sisters who are both the muse and the combined voice behind the powerhouse blog 365. Pairing with them on the newest DV sensation, the JADE wedge–the sisters created a photo shoot for us highlighting the strappy wedge, one that is already becoming a 2011 seasonal must here on the site. We had the chance to catch up with them over email, for a quick Q & A about their style, Sweden, blog and life.  Take a read below and ENJOY! Check out their blog HERE.

SS: Hello Thilda and Mira! How are you? How has your winter been in Sweden?

365: Hello there! Here in sweden is it freezing – but with the upcoming spring in our mind and thoughts, maybe we can survive a few more weeks of snow.

SS: Tell us more about the general concept for your blog 365? What is the concept, besides the obvious ties to fashion, style and inspiration you give your readers—we find your blog to be very intimate, the pictures are gorgeous.
365: With the idea of documenting all the 365 days there’s in a year we started the blog for a year ago. We thought it was appropriate, because almost all our pictures are taken in different environments outdoors. Our pictures are not only fashion – we want to utilize and be inspired by the cool atmosphere around us. Taking advantage of the 365 days that it is for one year and capture the typical sense of each season is one of our goals, whether we have achieved it or not, it’s up to you!

SS: Who are your favorite Swedish designers? With that said, who are you favorte international labels/designers?
365: We are so proud saying that there are so many incredibly talented designers with roots in Sweden! For example, we have Acne, one of our biggest favorites, which is one of the designers which are going to break world wide in the meantime. Other favorites are the brands Dagmar and Hope.

SS: If we were to meet you for a saturday night in Stockholm…just 12 hours from 5pm to 5am where would you take us—who would we meet–what would we do.
365: We promise you that you’ll have the time of your life! Say you are visiting us in the spring, maybe in May (when you can walk outdoors without having your fingertips and toes freezing cold). First of all we would walk trough the part of Stockholm called Gamla stan, or, if you translate it to English it would be called “The Old City” and we would show you all the beautiful old, small streets and give you some history. Like a small guided trip! After that, you would probably be hungry after the long trip so we would pick up some take away food and go to a mountain called Skinnarviksberget (in English you would probably be saying The Skinnarsviksmountain) – with a view over the sea and the whole city, drinking some glasses of wine. Then we’ll hook up with some friends of ours and go to a house party (if you’re lucky – on a rooftop!). When the clock is around midnight we’ll go out and dance until the sun goes up (and your feet no longer want to obey).

SS: Who are your current celebrity crushes?
365: We’ve many – trust us… But it depends on the situation! If we were sitting in a bar with a bottle of whiskey and were able to invite just one person, we would probably invite Barack Obama beacuse we would probably have a lot of things to talk about. And he is cool. (and if we could bring one dead person – Bob Marley!). If we’re spending a afternoon on a mountain top watching the sun go down, we would invite Rob Pattinson (but only if he were bringing a guitar).

SS: Which five songs are the two of you currently addicted too?
365: That’s a tough one… Maybe the song “Soulsisters” by Trey because we listened to it so much during the last spring. In the world of music – we’re “omnivores”! (If you could say so?!)

SS: What is the network your blog is on? DEVOTE?
356: is the second biggest blog community in Sweden (with over 80.000 blogs). Beyond our blog, we also works as fashion editors!

What trend are you most excited for for SPRING 2011.
Oh, many many things! But first of all: Walking around WITHOUT a huge, fat, discusting winterjacket (he he). And to bring some colours into the outfits again – during this winter everything has seems so black, white, grey and just… Boring!

SS: Is everyone in Sweden gorgeous! JEEEEEEZUSSSS! Save some for the rest of the globe!! HA!
365: Oh, wow! Shall we take that as a compliment!?

SS: YES, everyone is so cute and styled up in the Scandinavian counties. JEALOUS!

SS: And of course….dish on your favorite Shoe brands? We sent you shoes from Dolce Vita a favorite US brand…are they known in Sweden?
365: Shoes and footwear are one of our biggest crushes in our lives. We LOVE shoes. Here in Sweden – Dolce Vita isn’t a familiar design. Yet! But we’re hoping that it would change in the near future – they’re just so adorable!

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  • Dominique

    Love this interview – the 365 girls are adorable – makes me want to go spend 5-5 with them in Sweden! The Dolce Vitas are gorgeous. Love to solestruck – got my JC So Much and Litas so fast and am SOOOO happy with them. Thank you!

  • melrod

    That is so awesome!!