the 411 on our last day of our BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

The only way I can describe today at the Solestruck office is: BANANAS.

Today, our Black Friday sale went to 50% off and our site saw the most visits we have ever experienced. While we love the popularity—and we always welcome a visit from our favorite clients—our site crashed, and never recovered 100% for the rest of the day. However, we got to talk to a lot of you on the phone and we made our way through the first 1,000 emails that we received. I just wanted to send you an update on the sale so you are in the clear as we go into our last day—Sale ends at the very end of MONDAY—when the clock strikes 12:01, ushering in Tuesday—and the beginning of our lives getting back to normal around here. Thank you for making this the most successful sale in our 6 year history. We are a small indie owned company—just giving you shoe realness one day at a time. With that said……….

1. If the site just keeps driving you back the the homepage—Call the office and we will manually push your order through. We had over 1,000 calls today and we did MANY manual orders—let us do the hard work for you if our site is giving you a headache.

2. If you forgot to enter the discount code, or when you checked out–the site bounced the discount code—DON’T STRESS. E-mail us ONCE to and include your order number. We will discount your transaction for you and withdraw it from the amount that was authorized on your card—no worries!

3.  If you cannot call us and skype is not an option, let us know your number and we will gladly call you. Our goal is to keep you happy and to keep you knee deep in tons of shoes.

4. Please note–shoes are selling out, we will not be able to get every shoe for every person—however, we are keeping our inventory as tight as possible, and all orders from SUNDAY will be turned over to UPS on Monday. You will see your tracking E-mail from us no later than Tuesday. Keep in mind, UPS is coming off a holiday weekend as well—so there could be very minor delays in getting your shoes out.

UM, girl, this boot WAS 300.00, if you buy this on Monday, you pay 92 dollars and change! Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sending a giant thank you high five and love note to all of our fans who have made 2011 amazing. Your support of what we are attempting to do here baffles us and we are so lucky to have the motivation that you provide to us. So shop the sale—and get ready—because, new arrivals start hitting Tuesday. We. Never. Stop.

  • Pamada

    Thank you so much for working so hard and getting all the orders through and talking to everyone!

    This was such an amazing sale and I am totally blown away by the amount of great customer service you guys offer. You’ve made me a fan for life!

  • Lucy Helena

    Thank you so much Solestruck! I’m at work today in Sydney, Australia and it made for quite the thrilling morning scouring through all the size 10′s and finally choosing 4 pairs for myself and one for my boyfriend.

    You never cease to amaze me with your new stock, which I buy on an almost monthly basis (is it a coincidence that i get paid monthly?) and so I saw this sale as a reward to the loyal customers for always buying new styles.

    It was also a great opportunity for me to spread the love of your site to all and sundry via Facebook, phone calls, texts and almost door-knocking. It was that good.

    I got 5 pairs of shoes for about $250! How ridiculous is that?!

    Also, i think everyone knew the risk they took in waiting for the sale to hit 50%, so although we all ranted and raved on your wall, we found it fun, thrilling and like we were a part of something. I even made a new friend from New Zealand :)

    So thanks again, Solestruck, for bringing me big boxes of hotness – can’t wait for my shoes to arrive!

  • Eileen

    point number 3 is the bomb!!!

  • Amelia

    You are truly, amazing. Without you guys my shoe collection wouldn’t be this beautiful. Thank you so much for the effort and work you put into providing us with lovely shoes, and also for replying every one of us crazy shoe freaks of our inquiries in this hectic sale moment. LOVE YOU SOLESTRUCK! I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR BIGGEST FAN! ♡

  • Justin Elmaghrabi

    Fantastic read. Seriously, I so wish I could have articles almost as good on my site. Your content is well-done. Anyways, just wanted to comment and let you know. Have a good one!