Shot on location in Brooklyn NY, we are very excited to drop our newest lookbook. Featuring key styles, trends, treatments and brands, the crew from SOLESTRUCK is letting you know loud and clear–all the things you need on your SUMMER CHECKLIST. Get a pen girl and some SPF because summer is about to heat up…and you know we got your back. The entire lookbook is below—-and so is info on each shoe, regarding dates it will hit the site, brand, etc! ENJOY!

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  • Lizeth

    I super duper love the shoes in the first photo. Can you tell me the make and model, please?


  • ty

    All the models are listed in the book—do you mean the cover? Inside cover? Give us a call or let us know!

  • Lizeth

    Ah, ok! I found it. They are the Senso Ruzz, but they are out of stock:(

    • ty

      We are expecting a shipment of senso in about ten days! Sign up for DONT SEE MY SIZE! We will notify you right when they hit! Warning—SENSO
      BLOWS OUT! Gotta move quick!