One of our TOP SELLING styles of the season, the JC MARIEL, is now up in GINGHAM colors to jazz up your SPRING look! We will give away one pair of EACH gingham color (three winners total). The contest is simple:

1. Go to our FB page.
2. Leave a comment that describes how you feel about the MARIEL! YOUR LOVE OF JC! OR SHOES IN GENERAL!

The only catch? Your submission must come in the form of a M.A.R.I.E.L. acronym….see mine above for inspiration! Get creative and let us know what inspires you about this shoe!
Friday at 5pm PACIFIC time, we will pick three winners…one for blue, one for yellow and one for red gingham MARIELS.

*three winners. Colors selected at random. No swapping for other shoes or styles. No actual retail value. One shoe per winner. Contest is open to solestruck fans GLOBALLY. For bonus points and to charm the judges you may want to consider tossing an @solestruck up in your FB status also! Just sayin’

  • StealingBeauty

    Inspirational at
    Exceptional heights
    Love for all shoes JC

    xx Alexa aka StealingBeauty

  • Linda Pistola Alcala

    OMGAWDDD! I LOVE IM OBSESSED! I just posted on your FB page + in my status ;) FINGERS CROSSED!


  • tatiana chavez

    M ost
    A mazing shoe
    R aw and unique
    I need it in my life
    E xtremely gorgeous
    L ove the shoe

  • Amanda Beard

    Oh i keep looking at the page, i love these shoes!! Thanks for the great opportunity solestruck!!
    They are perfect for spring!!! And give me that extra height that i need :D . JC’s are something i think every girl should own!
    I keep sharing you guys as well! I am determined. They are gorgeous!!
    Remind me of The wizard of Oz dress ^.^
    Amanda Beard

  • Michelle Choo

    Love the shoes! Especially the red gingham :) You guys at Solestruck are awesome people. Love all the shoes on your site! <3<3<3

  • Linda Pistola Alcala

    torture. has. been. defined.