The Dirt On The Lita Presale: A Shopping Guide To Lita Success

(The Blogged-To-Death footwear staple has become an everyday basic for global fashionistas. Like this Italian babe!)

We know you have waited. We realize we have caused you pain. We got your email(s). And to the girl in Atlanta, yes, we got the chocolates–thank you! The time has come for our LARGEST Lita restocking event to date. We are restocking full size runs of the TOP 36 Color combos in our best ever selling shoe. Here is the dirt on how this works, oh, and the best part—shoes ship NEXT FRIDAY. Why wait?

1. Go to our COMING SOON section to view all the forthcoming goodness. These are shoes NOT YET on the site–but that are on their way from a place we call THE FUTURE. PRE-SALE HERE.

2. Find your dream LITA by scrolling down. Make sure it says PRE-ORDER NOW, under the color you want. Items that are SOLD OUT, or not up for PRE-ORDER are listed as such. We have restocked as many sizes as we could in the top selling 36 colors/fabrications.

3. Simply check out as you would with a normal, in-stock shoe. Buy that girl—then sit back, breathe and know that your size and color is RESERVED for you. Next Friday—check your email and keep hitting refresh until you git a UPS shipping confirmation from us! We will try to ship them out BRIGHT and EARLY so as to not ruin your weekend with anxiety and panic.

4. Then, simply lay back and wait patiently—like this babe, one of our favorites from rocking her lita spikes. YES GIRL, GIF IT UP!
(check her page here!)