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[The POT bootie in white slashed leather]

YES is an underground Solestruck project that truly celebrates the diversity, uniqueness, charisma and insanity of our shoe obsessed clients. Solestruck does not sell shoes to ONE type of girl, or guy—and YES speaks to those different types of clients we have and cherish. With YES, we simply look for interesting shoes that we haven’t seen anywhere else, shoes that catch our eyes, and shoes that instantly make us ask….”Oh girlllllllll, how much how much?!’ YES, is a capsule collection of all the things we love about trends, style, uniqueness and the rapidly evolving world of footwear.  Yes is fairly new to our site, and since June we have added over 20 new styles—and we have received lots of emails and questions from you about the new brand—so we thought we’d break it down here. Welcome to YES 101.



[The YES TART in Gold Leather]

1. Where are the YES shoes made?  We currently are sourcing the YES brand from two countries, Spain and China. In the future we hope to expand, but for now, all the current styles are coming from the shoe regions of those two countries.

2. Do all YES shoes fit the same? We are working with a myriad of vendors to create this collection, that being said, we cannot create shoes that are 100% consistent between the entire collection. Please make sure to read the fit notes on each shoe’s page, as well as consult the measurements, and client reviews to check the fitting of each YES style.

3. Who designs YES. Yes is a team effort and is created in a variety of ways by the Team of YES stylists and product developers. The YES team is continually searching for fun, fresh, and fierce new items, and our agents are continually developing and sourcing new items for us to work on with them. We scour the market, collect vintage, and take inspiration from apparel, runways, the past and the future—and of course all of our style icons living and otherwise!


[The BAMMY ankle boot. Damn Girl.]

4. What sizes to YES shoes come in? As with every brand we buy and offer on the site, we attempt to buy each size offered between US 5-12. We sell many fives and many twelves when these sizes are offered. Several of the smallest agents we are working with specialize in the Asian market, therefore creating mostly 6-9, which as we grow this division, will also change to include our FULL size run. For now, each shoe is offered in the sizes you see available, on each shoes page—but keep in mind, when possible we do buy, and offer all of these sizes.

5. Why do some YES shoes cost more than others? The YES prices are based on country of origin and the costs of the base materials. With YES, we are attempting to create a line that is accessible, but still will stand up to your daily wear, your needs and your Dior Runway stomp down Avenue A girl. We work with a handful of factories in different countries, we use the same formula to create the retail price of each shoe—some require higher prices based on better materials, difficulty of design or the consumption of leather. Our goal is to bring YES products to the site which range from $49.99-$249.99.

6. Will there be YES shoes for men? We are currently working on the first YES styles for men. We will apply the same formula, taste level, and shoe insanity to the mens side. Sourcing men’s shoes that are Solestruck worthy is a much more difficult task—but don’t worry were hard at work, and you’ll see the first deliveries of men’s for PRE-FALL coming in August.

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