The Grunge

I’ve always been particular. Looking back at my childhood, I can imagine that I often drove my parents to the brink of madness with the overly precise nature of my interests. My mom loves to tell the story of the Halloween I wanted to dress up as a witch. She took me shopping, imagining that we’d get a tattered black dress, a pointy prosthetic nose, maybe a broom. Once we started browsing the costume aisle, she found out that I’d dreamed up something that looked like a cross between Glenda the Good Witch and Winifred Sanderson. The result was my granny slaving away over her sewing machine, and my mom teasing the hell out of a bright orange wig until it resembled the giant beehive I so badly wanted. 20 years later, that same desire to bring to life the stuff that I daydream about is a big factor in what I wear. I’m attracted to things that conjure up intense moods, and pieces of clothing that bring to mind a specific character. That’s why, when I saw the Opening Ceremony Grunge Buckle Boot, I knew that it had to be mine. The sight of it gave me the warm, tingly sensation that one usually only feels during a first kiss, or when you come home drunk at 3 AM and your boyfriend says he’ll make you nachos. As I waited for my shoe to arrive in the mail, I began to create a mental portrait of the girl who would wear it. She’s young, she’s restless, and her uber strict parents sent her off to boarding school after she got caught smoking a joint in the girl’s bathroom. She can’t quite seem to fit in. All the girl’s at school are vapid and bitchy, and the boys are crude. So she cuts class to climb trees, smoke cigarettes and dream of Marlon Brando instead…

  • Scott

    Love it!!!