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As Spring is just around the corner—so is this season’s hottest trend, the FLATFORM, and we have you covered ladies. The evened out mondo wedge is coming to you in many assorted styles and fabrications this season here on the site–and the first ones are just rolling in. Shop the look—and get on board early so by July you can say…”oh flatforms, yeah, i love mine.”

On presale now, but shipping in a few weeks, the brite mondo-platform from ego and greed.

The price is anything but greedy and the look is plenty generous. (coming in black later.)

Obviously, JC is going to hammer this trend home in a myriad of variations—but the first versions have hit solestruck early–and we are blowing out of them as quickly as they come in! Check the DOUMA now.

We have a ton of espadrille versions, and fun crazy styles coming in all shapes, sizes and variations.