One of our favorite NYC bestie brands MESSECA is on one hell of a hot streak. The CORALINE blew up huge for summer (helllooooo neon package?!), we nabbed a couple Fall favorites for a VIP pre-sale event (GET IT HERE and HERE), and trust us when we say, their Holiday ’11/12 collection is going to make you die just a little bit it’s so good.


We heavily featured new styles from them in our soon to be release fan-fueled lookbook TO THE SOURCE and wanted to give you a taste of what’s to come with a little Q&A w/ MESSECA’s new brand ambassadors (aka your dream job).


Pablo and Nicole came on board in early 2011 with Messeca NYC. From redesigning the logo, boxes and remerching the collection, these two have taken Messeca NYC to an entirely new level. Both of them have roots in sales for the company–but more importantly are they are both the driving force behind the slow and methodical building of the brand. Nestled on 5th Ave and 14th Street in NYC, these two longtime friends are working with the Messeca owners and in-house crew to take the brand to the next level of shoe awesome.

Meet PABLO & NICOLE. They rule.

Fashion to us is… Everything!!!

What vision do you want to create with MESSECA? We are giving that girl a chance to be _________.

If an evil genie turned you in to a shoe, what style would you hope to become? A Combat Boot

Major trends coming for fall? Metallic Heels, Exaggerated platforms, different shades of wood and Velvet.

Personal style must haves? Nicole: A sheer button down, thrifted bag and Mexican riding boots and Pablo: Something vintage mixed with a designer piece.

How will future MESSECA compare with past and present ? We’ve learned that our girl likes change and that her shoes are a reflection of who she is that day. Every season, past and future, there will be that one shoe you know is MESSECA (the Coraline). The others, will be a reflection of how we are evolving every season.

One trend that should die? One that should be resurrected?  80′s should rest in peace and bring us back Marie Antoinette and all her costumes.

Style mantra? What are you giving me today?

Last words? We’ve moved on, support the movement.


All of these styles will be coming to Solestruck in the coming months. LOOK OUT.