The Office: Casual Fridays

Our internet was down for a hefty two hours.

Apparently, both ends of a patch cable were plugged into the same switch, creating an infinite data loop. You know, standard stuff.

So what did I do? Took pictures of everybody’s feet in the office.

Welcome to fridays at SS HQ.

Our head buyer, in the Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe. She’s kinda the tough one in the office.

I would tease her for leaving her Sam Edelman Pax unzipped, but this quiet beauty would secretly resent me. So I won’t.

The Wicked Witch of the West loves her Miista Alka, but hates Comcast.

Customer service, getting real glam for Friday.

She’s wearing Gee Wa Wa to Yeasayer later tonight. Lucky…

Intern star, constructing sets in 4-inch To Be Announced TEN20′s. Practical!

The creative team is going through a black phase with Jeffrey Campbell.

Yours truly, in Spring ’13 M:Zero. Plastic brogues, coming soon!

We also have amazing taste in apparel too, btw.