GOD YOU GUYS, WHY YA GOTTA BE SO EFFING TALENTED??? Killin’ us! We love doing contests like these. Y’alls never fail to amaze. It was real, REAL hard to pick 3 favorites. We really wanted to go all Oprah-style on you and gift everyone a pair. But alas, TBA wouldn’t be too happy if we gave away their entire inventory…

So to recap, TBA launched a collage-style lookbook to commemorate their latest spring collection based on “The Ones That Got Away.” Your mission was to send us a collage with an accompanying caption lamenting your own past love story. Here were are overall faves. Each winner will receive their choice of style from To Be Announced!

Hannah sent us 2 collages… both equally awesome.

Phillipa wrote us a little limerick and totally blew us away with her collage. #sotalented!

Miss Maisy Daisy had a dream
Covered her lady bits in cream
She can’t leave the bed
Crippled with dread
That her new shoes will not gleam.

And our lucky #3 was Vanessa and her super 70′s style mashup.

“I couldn’t be less happy about your recent engagement and I want to hate the woman who won your heart over. But to be truthful, your fiance seems like the kind of girl I would probably be friends with and even though my heart is breaking on this end, I’m glad that you are going be with someone who seems like a kind human being.”

And there ya go! Thanks to all who entered! We seriously love doing these contests and we hope you like them too.


  • Ash

    I love that last one! Well, not the accompanying story, but y’know. Congratulations, all.