The ongoing ‘Mel’ legacy

If you follow us on Twitter, or even step onto this blog once in a while, you’ve probably noticed our slight obsession with the Jeffrey Campbell Mel. At first, even we were taken aback by its crazy success.

But the strappy, chain-laden, rhinestone-encrusted nod to Balmain had a tantalizing effect, and clearly it was noticed. So much so that Mel-inspired kicks just kept on coming. And while I’m writing descriptions, I always have to refer to them as sister or cousin shoes. So, here’s a little flowchart/family tree that I came up with:

In my humble opinion, the Mel birthed the Lite (which then bore us the upcoming Posh…see below), the Burbs (which in turn evolved to the Burbs Chain), the Athena, and the RC…two flat versions of the studded awesomeness.

In any case, we’ve got another couture/Mel-inspired shoe that’ll be headed your way in no time:

Pretty hot, right? That’s what we thought, too. It’s got the best of both worlds, in our opinion: shiny large chain, shiny small chain, shiny rhinestones, and a cuffed ankle that rides up higher than the Lite or the Mel.

We love it!

See the bling-tastic details? You know you want it.

This shoe should be online in a few days, along with the fabby looks featured in this month’s contest (enter if you haven’t already!).

And as always…

…love and shoes!

xoxo, danielle