The Only Pair of Shoes You’ll Ever Need

Okay, so I can’t begin to tell you guys how in love I am with these Messeca wedges. What can’t the Coraline do? Walk the dog?


Climb ladders?


Get you looking fabulous for New Year’s Eve?


Okay, fine, so on that last one they had a little help from Comme des Garcons, but let’s be real: the shoe is doing all the work here. Or, since this is Solestruck, and these shoes are fierce: WERQUE.

Did you ladies and gents all have a fabulous New Year? Did you remember to stay hydrated? Did you remember to stay upright? (Which is no small feat, given that you were all probably in 5″+ heels.) Dish. And, while you dish, here’s some more shoe porn, courtesy of the camera of Helen Pearson. (You might recognize her work from, oh, basically every major Jeffrey Campbell lookbook.)  Need even more?  My blog is at