Well, more specifically, our world! Just an update now that the biggest sale in our 6 year history has wrapped. First, you guys totally blew our expectations and goals for this sales event—we don’t have figures of how many pairs were sold in total–as we are still hand editing some orders and pairing people with the shoes they wanted. With that said—sending a GIANT high five to our truly global client base who were patient, awesome and are now waiting for their parcels to arrive! We have now split the Solestruck team in half–and will work 24 hour shifts until all the shoes are shipped out—and all the emails are answered, and issues are resolved. I just wanted to check in—-and touch base on a few things.

1. SHIPPING! If you ordered FRIDAY or SATURDAY, your shoes  are most likely  already out the door to you. You should have had tracking confirmation sent to you (check your spam too!). The first two days of the sale were recordbreaking—but they did not prepare us for day 3 and 4, where you true bargain hunting fashionistas dropped the hammer on shoes you had been coveting ALL. YEAR. LONG. IF you bought with us on Sunday or Monday—we will release shipping updates when we have accurate reads. With several UPS pick ups  daily and and extra crew brought in to work around the clock this entire week–we should have a GIANT DENT put in all the shipping by Thursday.  Hang tight—wait for your tracking confirmation email, and stay tuned here, we will post shipping updates daily. As of right now—we are working to get caught up!

2. Dicount code fail? We had a crop of you who either A. Got to excited once you could actually check out or B. the discount code did not work for you at all–so you simply paid full price to secure your shoes. For either scenario, don’t worry—-we have this as priority on our list. We have already gotten through  about half of the credits. We will manually authorize the discounted amount back to your bank—then of course, it takes your bank a few days to process the refund.

3. Inventory. With so many people shopping and scouring our site for deals at once–some of you were surprised when actual items in your cart sold out before your very eyes. We apologize if you did not get the shoe of your dream—but we hope that while shopping the sale you were able to snag one of the amazing  deals. There were several shoes that were a bit problematic during the sale—either their link was not working or the inventory was not adjusting fast enough. As of right now—I would suggest using our Don’t See My Size Feature—just in case! Until the dust settles from this sale—we have no way of knowing if a size 8 in the Benched is going to reappear—or if a size five in the LANA fur is going to make a return cameo! With so many people shopping the same shoes at once–some of you were left out in the cold—and we are super sorry for that—sign up for don’t see your size on the off-chance the shoes reappear, if they do, you are emailed within the hour.

4. EMAILS. No need to email us several times to check on an initial email—we are just behind. However, with that said—we are making a dent in them! We are addressing each scenario as we go and undoing, fixing, or editing down problematic orders. Emails will be answered, and now that we are on a 24 hour schedule—we will be getting to all of them in a more timely manner.

Thanks again for a great sale—and we just need a few more days until we have these issues all resolved. Feel free to call the office, email, or FB us, we will be working quickly on all issues. Some of you have already rec’d your shoes from the sale—which is awesome. I would love for you to post on FB your purchases and maybe your total savings?! THANKS AGAIN!

  • Pamada

    i love you guys.

    that is all :)

  • MA

    Thank you.
    Merci beaucoup.
    You made my sunday.