The Ultimate Christmas Wish: The winner for day three!

We received so many amazing entries to our third day of shoe giveaways! We asked you for your BIGGEST Holiday wish—and were floored by the response. The Holidays can get hectic–but reading your replies and posts to this challenge helped us remember the TRUE meaning of the season. From all of us to all of you—no matter where you find yourself this Christmas may it be bright, may it be full of magic and light.

We read the over 200 entries and it was hard to pick just one! The funny ones were really good….the sad ones were hard to read, and the personal ones resonated with all of us. So—with that said—we have chosen TWO winners for the Pixie Challenge!

Winner number one: Nicole reached out to us on behalf of her bestie—we loved her thoughtfulness and giving spirit…Nicole–you have been selected as one of the winners, and your friend will be getting a pair of the PIXIE! Nicole wrote:

“My friend got in a long-boarding accident last spring, shattered her foot, and was in a wheel-chair for 8 weeks. Boy, did that give her a new perspective on things. She has since been in physiotherapy treatment, and slowly started walking again. I WISH that I will win these shoes, because I would love nothing more than to give them to her for Christmas. She’s a wonderful person, and deserves a pair of shoes that makes her feel special after such a dreadful experience. These shoes are a gem.”

Choosing just one winner was so hard—so in the spirit of the HOLIDAYS and in response to the amount of entries we received we chose two! Our second winner came from a Solestruck fan named Megan. Here wish was something everyone can relate to–finally just accepting yourself! Megan! We LOVE tall women in heels, wedges and platforms and we are only agreeing to make you a winner if you send us pictures of yourself in your first sky-rise JC. Megan–you gotta hold your head high, and in the words of our favorite drag queen—”YOU BETTER WORK!” Megan wrote:

“One thing I’ve wished for a long time is to become more comfortable with my height. I’ve been 5ft10 since I was 14, and I always felt really awkward compared to my classmates who were way shorter than me (can you imagine having to do a ballroom dance unit in gym class when all the boys were a foot shorter than you?? They were either eye level with my boobs or I had to crouch down to spin under their arm. NOT a fun memory).
Now that I’m older (and, fortunately, guys have begun to catch up with me) I’ve started to feel a bit more comfortable being tall, but the one thing I haven’t gotten the courage to do is wear heels. I just feel like I’d look ridiculous! But my goal for 2011 is to start wearing more heels-and I want the Pixie to be my first pair! They are so unique, it’s right up my alley-and they look really comfortable to walk in which would be great for someone like me who is a heel virgin! “

Both lucky ladies will be awarded one pair of PIXIE for their entries. GIANT THANKS to all the entries…working on the post for Day four—-it should be up within the hour!