The Women of Indiana Jones

We’ve all heard of the women of James Bond. Since the 60′s, the term “Bond Girl” has been synonymous with allure and danger. It calls to mind the image of an exotically beautiful woman creeping around corners in a mini trench, Beretta in hand. Certainly, these suave characters have influenced the personal style of many a Bond fangirl, and driven countless action film loving guys wild. With that being said, and with all due respect to Pussy Galore and Miss Moneypenny, I have to tell you that there’s another group of femme fatales whose alters I prefer to worship at… the Indiana Jones Girls. Growing up, my brother and I must have watched all three Indiana Jones movies hundreds of times each on VHS. Some of the first sartorial longings that I ever felt were a result of watching Indy’s girls trek through the jungle in their sharp safari clothes, and get dressed up like maharanis to dine on chilled monkey brains in Indian palaces. They may not have had deadly miniature weapons, and their names were never puns, but Marion Ravenwood, Willie Scott and Dr. Elsa Schneider will forever be style icons.

What a shame that Dr. Scneider turned out to be a nazi. That’s a dealbreaker, if I ever heard one.
(All screenshots taken by me from countless hours of pausing and rewinding on my laptop)