Third time's a charm.

We shared in your obsession with the Mary-Rox. We also gushed about the perfed suede upper, deluxe colors, comfort and the savvy-chic of this great shoe. THEN, we also fell head over heels for the under 100$ canvas version the SO-SMART. Same great shape, safari color tones and same pefectgre wedge. Well, THIRD TIME’S A CHARM. Meet the M.R.. Solid leather and animal inspired uppers combine to make this new Jeffrey Campbell creation the craziest yet! And well, we say, “I DO.” Solid uppers in new materials with contrasting bases for an extra punch of sass, the M.R. is very limited edition…and well, you aren’t going to find this bad boy anywhere else.

+White leather upper paired with pewter base+

+Cheetah pony fur with tan leather base+

+Classic beige python with pewter base so good!+

+SOLESTRUCK exclusive, limited qutantites+

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    OMG>>>> i just died in your arms tonight.. cheetah or white