This is Brooklyn, Baby.

You say you’d like to close your tab, and as he delivers your copy of the receipt, the bartender also delivers a duo of shots for you and he to share. You drink something he calls a “tiny-tini,” then¬† kiss your friends goodbye. You leave a tip and put on your jacket. It’s dark outside, and the air is thick, guess you have been inside for a while–post work drinks turned to a Friday-night-out it seems. You hit the stairs to the L train just after midnight. You see the faces of those skinny boys coming up the stairs, the look in their eyes, the tight jeans, the disgust and deep sighs. This can only mean one thing—there is no L service back to Brooklyn. Shuttle bus? Why would I do that when I can just go back to the bar for one more—and let the night take it’s course? This is Brooklyn. Celebrate the end of summer, celebrate MARAIS USA.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this tightly created collection of urban-minded staples delivers the goods season-after-season. Style essentials, everyday basics, and fashionable go-to pieces, combine to create a line that is priced right, on point and a favorite among solestruck shoppers. We are expecting a small shipment to hit the site sometime next week—Next stop, BROOKLYN.