MEET KIARA. She’s the babe behind Tobruck Ave, one of our go-to style blogs. We’re majorly obsessed with her effortlessly perfect LA style and we love the way she wore her pair of TBA Dungeons! We did an awesome mini interview with this pretty lady- check it out below, along with some awesome style photos from her shoot!

Kiara Schwartz


What do you do?
Full time Blogger, Stylist, Creative type, Dreamer

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Oh dear… possibly around 100

How has living in different countries impacted your fashion sense?
I think it has given me a really open mind. Above all it has given me a bit of an edge and bought me to style things the way I want and feel comfortable with and not according to my surroundings or country I am in.

Where do you recommend shopping in LA?
I love Abbot Kinney more than anything. The little boutiques and art galleries are perfect for an afternoon of strolling.

It looked like you had a blast and a half at Coachella. What are some tips for festival packing?
I like to pre plan my outfits. That way you don’t over pack and you just get up in the morning and put on your next planned outfit. You just have no choice which makes things less complicated especially after a long day and night ;-)

What is your favorite trend right now?
I love the sneaker revolution that is happening right now. Sneakers tone down any outfit and make it casual cool which is totally my style.

If you were going on a month-long trip and could only bring one pair of shoes, which ones would make the cut?
OMG that is impossible. Well my TBA sneakers would be top on my list as you could actually wear them to any occasion. Also a pair of Seychelles combat booties would be hard to leave at home. Wait do flip flops count as shoes? This question is to hard! ;-)

What are some of your favorite fall collections this year?
Alexander Wang, Carven, Givenchy are all mind blowing for fall. On the more affordable really excited about Shakuhachi, Finders Keepers, Evil Twin and One Teaspoon :-) Love those auzzies

Biggest fashion splurge?
I am not much of a splurger, more of a dreamer! However I would love to make an Alexander Wang Golf bag mine!

Mary-Kate or Ashley?
Mary-Kate all the way gurrrlll…

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