TREND TALK: Here Kitty Kitty, we need your opinion!

Fresh back from NYC, we have so many new shoes coming—one trend that was repeatedly shown at this market were kitten heels, pointy toes and bows? This is not a typo….are you ladies going back to basics? Are you amping up a look for spring that is based on Mad Men, the 1960′s and high-femme? We are on the fence about this shoe trend that all of our favorite brands are pushing… we wanna know what you think?

Would you wear this look? Dish ladies—we always want to stock what you are wanting most!

And below from the LV show for Spring.

So let’s hear it…..if you want kitten heels MEOW now, comments please!

  • jazmyn

    Its a classic look, but so is a red lip. Done anytime, any day & it is acceptable, classy, goes with everything and just works. My personal opinion…eh. I’m still all about ‘kicking’ things up a notch.

  • Lauren

    I actually theorized about this in my english class last semester, but I do believe we are turning back to more conservative clothes to counteract the skimpier/vibrant choices we made in the last decade. Just as that was a reaction to the clothes of the 90′s. I feel like the 2000′s+ are us taking the best fashion choices from the earlier years and revamping them into newer trends, whether they work or not. I hope that made sense!

  • LOMO

    I prefer my heels HIGH! the higher the better. If kitten heels become cool then I’m going to have to be uncool in my platforms.

  • http://Website Lia

    Nope don’t like it & pointy kitten heels makes your feet look too big! Like LOMO above said it the higher the better!! plus I can’t go back now that I’m used to mega heels with big platforms, PLATFORM my friend is truly the secret to comfort! ;D

  • http://Website emma

    in all honesty… i love the idea of a kitten heel, but i recently tried one on and almost had a panic attack and couldn’t wait to get it off. They are just a little to conventional for me. I come to solestruck to find the shoes I cant find anywhere else..Give me my clunky platforms and awkward styling any day.

  • Shoegasm

    Okay, the IDEA of kitten heels is great! But they are almost harder to walk in than taller heels! Give me a wedge any day vs. stilleto :)

  • Nicole O.

    I like platforms since I’m only 5’2 so I wouldn’t purchase these.

  • http://Website Rachel

    Ugh as a tall woman I personally can not stand kitten heels. They scream pre-teen to me.

  • Dom

    I LOVE kitten heels.

    I HATE bows.

    Kitten heels are perfect for the office. Anything higher than 2 inches doesn’t belong in the office.

  • ingibj√∂rg

    I’ve always been more of a platform girl and for extremely high closed ones, but why not change a scene and go with a new look and hope that a new pair of shoes can lead you do new directions:)

  • Nickie Frye

    Oh my gosh, I just did a blog post about this last week. Pointy toed shoes with stiletto heels are next, I’m convinced. I think the heels need to be slightly higher than kitten height though. Anyway, you might want to read the comments I got:

  • Chylia

    no no no no no no ! i hate Kitten Heels. love bows though ! i’m currently very infatuated with all things with a platform and 5inch heel. i’ve never been a kitten heel person. quite frankly i find them harder to walk in than anything and i think they are unattractive. although the ones from the LV shoe are quite adorable although i’d never wear them.

  • Becs

    Personally not a fan of kitten heels and I agree that they can often be harder to walk in. And while I LOVE leopard print, I would not wear the shoe above!