We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of new shoe line TULESTE MARKET. The first two styles have hit the solestruck warehouse and will be up shortly on the site. If you are an accessories junkie–you might know the work of the two sisters who head up the collection–and have taken their love of all things vintage to heart in creating this signature line of footwear.

Tuleste Market had its roots planted in the fall of 2007 in New York City. The collection was founded and is designed by the sister act of Satu and Celeste Greenberg, who were born and raised in rural Seiad Valley, situated on the western coastline of Northern California. This majestic area is long-known as a mecca for vintage clothing collecting, antiquing and heritage fashion. This lifestyle inspired Satu and Celeste to begin shopping and observing vintage trends and styling at the onset of high school. The rest is history—and now–out of their accessories based line–comes their new shoe line!

The sisters eventually settled in NYC and started working for some of the world’s premiere fashion magazines, and word began to spread of their impressive vintage collection and designers, creative directors and editors began approaching them about using their archive as a source for their own design inspiration. Stay tuned as we are about to drop the first pieces of our order from this new up and coming brand—we have a feeling the ladies of Solestruck are going to be very into their take on footwear.