Updated Claw–

One of our best appointments in NYC was with the team from Gee Wa Wa. They were a new brand for us this past year—and their claw series boots and pumps blew you out of the water. We have a few new versions coming from well as some amazing summer styles that are less extreme—but still with the same G.W.W. amazing quality and details!

Coming soon.

  • kailee

    agh, i always have to change into a fresh pair of panties after going on solestruck *shakes fist*

  • Phi


  • bravegrrl

    haha… that first comment is sooo funny! i love my gee wa was…. and have been eying the new clogs i’ve seen popping up on the net…. hope you are getting them soon!!!

  • Lindsey Cochran

    And throw us tall fans a bone and ask them to make a few pairs in a size 11. Don’t have the proper sized last? I’ll fly in to let you craft them on my own feet directly!