Let me be honest: Singapore isn’t very “fun.” It’s summer all year long and, besides shopping and dining, there isn’t much to do. Most tourists tend to first visit Orchard Road, a shopping paradise for major events and fixing fashion cravings for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and every other high-end label under the god damn sun.

Oh yeah, you can also spot these portable ice-cream carts along Orchard Road that serve local flavors for just 1 buckaroo. And that’s cool…

…BUT, if you guys were to ask me to take you around Singapore, I would want you to feel like a TRUE SINGAPOREAN. So please keeps your arms and legs inside the vehicle, as I take you on a truly, uniquely Singaporean tour of my home. Please hold all questions until the end of this program.

First we venture to shopping district Bugis Village. Always bustling with life, Bugis houses more than 500 (thats five zero zero) vendors selling fashion, clothes, street food, accessories, and even… tattoos? A fantastic way to spend time like a true local.
Hot tip: haggle, haggle, haggle. Or, you know, you can buy at full-price if you’re too pansy.

Do these Areas Man Boots by The Damned make my legs longer? Yes, they do.

Singaporeans love food, and I’m definitely no exception. It’s nice to get away from fine dining indulgences once in a while and eat like a true Singaporean; so lemme take you to my favorite “hawker centre” (AKA a food hub of inexpensive, friggin’ amazing, local delights):

Do I spy with my little eye a death stare?

Best drink ever at hawker centres – 100% Pure Sugar Cane Juice!!!!!!!!!!

Left: Char Kway Teow – a savoury, sweet noodle dish cooked with pork lard, bean sprouts, eggs, and cockles.

Right: Fried Oyster Omelette – one of the more popular delights favored among Singaporeans, fresh oysters with eggs.

This “carrot cake” doesn’t look like anything you might be used to, but god you’ll never know how good it is until you try it.

Satay – grilled meat on skewers served with sweet-spicy peanut sauce!

And now for my favorite local dish… *Drumrolls*…


An exotic creation of garlic rice and boiled chicken, this popular dish is almost available everywhere on this island.

God, I can just go on and on about food.

Lastly, we shall venture to one of the most popular boutique clubs here – Club Mink. Typical nightlife scene, typical best time ever with good people. You know the drill.

Remember, the party don’t start till we walk in!

Bestest & myself!

So we’ll party till the night falls, hazily roll out of the club and call it a night! Any questions?

And now this marks the end of my journey with Solestruck as a guest blogger. I am still so thankful for being given this entire experience, and sad to bid my final farewell, but I hope that my entries have entertained.

Jumper from Uniqlo, denim outer from Topman, floral pants from Zara, accessories from Grey Ant & We Are Rubbish, and the already-worn-to-death Areas Boots by The Damned!

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It’s been good times, shoe addicts.



  • charm

    i love this. being a singaporean now living in arizona, I MISS IT EVERYDAY. and all those images just made my day and miss singapore even more. and omg, the FOOD! thank you Jordus! i love seeing unique and crazy chic in singapore!

  • Alaina

    Hi Hunni… I’m planning on coming down to Singapore for New years with a girlfriend, as I will be in Malaysia.. you mentioned Singapore isn’t much fun.. would you suggest it wouldn’t be that great for New Years & Malaysia would be better? I’m coming from Australia so the night life is great over here……
    Any help would be much appreciated! x