Using shoes for a slimmer silhouette

While your shoes won’t actually help you lose weight (unless you’re exercising in them!), choosing the right shoe styles can contribute to a slimmer appearance.

1. Heels make your legs thinner: they don’t have to be stilettos, but any added height will serve to slim and define those calves and thighs.Chinese Laundry Dorene

2. Pointed toes add length: it’s obvious that if your legs look longer, they’ll also appear thinner. Pointy toes will stretch your profile and give you a slimmer look (like the Chinese Laundry Dorene at right).

3. Matching shoes and hose: when wearing a skirt or dress, be sure to wear a shade of hosiery that matches your shoes. Even better, add a matching skirt. By pairing solid items in matching shades, you’ll create a slim, sleek line from the waist down.

4. Avoid ankle straps: although they look cute on the shelf, shoes with ankle straps tend to chop up the leg, making it look shorter, and therefore larger (opposite of tip #2).

Bronx Princess Slingback5. Opt for slingbacks or backless shoes: by showing off a little more skin and creating a longer profile, slingbacks and backless shoes are the most flattering for heavier frames (like the Bronx Princess Slingback at left).