V Files Sport Plus


Confession: I have a crush on Vfiles. Not unlike the crush I had on Bruce, the totally sexy, totally closeted basketball player from high school. Ugh, Bruce, #wecouldvehaditall. Anyway:

I first stumbled upon Vfiles’ curated online selection two years ago when I saw they were also carrying Solestruck’s favorite underground crochet shoe line, Degen. And then, while Youtube surfing some nights later (AKA having a super exciting life), I saw my boyfriend R.J. King featured in their hilarious Model Files video series–and then I was hooked.

Let me break Vfiles’ curated selection down for you with one simple list of awesome: Ambush, Bond Hardware, SSUR, Ann-Sofie Back, Chris Habana, KTZ, Gypsy Sport, KYE, and my holy grail Nasir Mazhar. It’s like they’ve literally extracted my brain, squeezed it really hard to get the juices out, drank said juices and then curated a selection tailor made to my personal taste. Like Solestruck, the freaks at Vfiles are dedicated to scouring the globe for amazing products by independent designers they believe in.



Today I celebrate the inception of Vfiles’ new in-house line, Vfiles Sport Plus. It’s so unapologetically sportswear that you have to wonder if these are life clothes, gym clothes, or maybe both? All I know is, I need a motocross jersey to go with my Skingraft sandals right. NOW.


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BTW. Did I mention I met Preston when I went to New York last summer?
Like, literally mind blown: