One very critical part of our jobs, of our lives really, is being inspired. Without inspiration, there is no creativity. It doesn’t come out of thin air; you aren’t just born with a binder of great ideas- they come from experiences, thought provoking conversations, an onslaught of visuals from tumblr.. you get the point. We all draw this inspiration from different places, and as a result, the things that actually resonate with us and stick in our mind are always unique to that person. With all this in mind, we’ve decided to bring something new to the Solestruck blog; W.W.I.N., What We’re Inspired by Now.

Each week, one of our staff from the creative team will be presenting a blog post about what they’re feeling inspired by at the moment. We may be a company that sells shoes, but if you know us even a little, you know we don’t like to be limited to just one thing. These blog entries will cover a myriad of subjects, because you know, there’s more to life than just shoes (blasphemy, I know!). Our hope is that we’ll provoke your mind into new exploration and spark some interest in something you might not have given much thought to.

We’re pretty excited about this one, so keep an eye out every Wednesday for our latest feature!