Walk it out

You know we love a crazy shoe–even if, well, sometimes we cannot walk in them?! If you shop with us, you know we love the ornate, unique, the special and the high trend details that catch the eye. Well—-combine those attributes with totally walkable shapes and styles, and you have us on hook. The Fall/12 assortment from NYC based 80%20 is just that. Pops of neon, crisp takes on trends like creepers and the hidden wedge, paired with amazing prints and patterns—well we’re 100% sure you are going to be into it! Staying true to their company mantra–that you wear 20% of your shoes, 80% of the time, this collection of punched up day time casuals is insanely good, and supplying you with functional pieces while not sacrificing the fashion. A few of our favorites?…..See below!

The QUIMBY creeper inspired wedge, well, add to cart, and check out. So easy. So cute. Done and done.

I’m sorry, are those small dancing ponies on your wedges? No pulse, dead. I can’t handle the subtle cuteness. Flatline.

This is actually a photo of me when I am trying to get the cookies down from on top of my cupboard. The same cookies I hid from myself just a day before.

After the cookie—i relax. Admiring my work, and the MAG wedge with yellow trim! Ahhhh, an all around win!

Shop our entire Fall Selection of 80%20 Here. Happy Fall!