WALK THE WALK with Messeca NYC

We are partnering with our friends over at Messeca NYC to bring you the WALK the WALK Messeca Holiday giveaway. We know you can Talk the Talk–but girl, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is—-OH SNAP! Here is how to enter, and how to get your hands one free pair of shoes from the MESSECA HOLIDAY OFFERING!

1. Choose your favorite shoe from the Messeca holiday Offering. Coraline Velvet or black suede, the Morgan, Madison or Gavin.

2. Send us an image of how you would style this shoe for the holidays. You can send us an image of you, you can send us a set that describes your look, you can send us a video, you can send us anything—get creative. We wanna see what you got!

3. With your submission simply tack on a quick run down of your look–a little note telling us the who, what, how or where. Is this for a holiday party? Your office work party? Dinner with the in-laws? or NYE in Paris!

4. We will work with the crew from Messeca NYC to choose the TOP TWO entries. Each person will literally walk away (har har shoe puns for life!) with the shoe of their choice from the Messeca Holiday Collection(see above shoes)—we don’t care if you have been naughty or nice! We don’t discriminate girl!

5. Send your entries to Subject: WALK THE WALK.


Here is an entry from our office:

Title: Headed to LA for New Years

Shoe to be paired with: Coraline Velvet Black.

Outfit: Bag Vintage, Feather Earrings edge of urge, Clothing H&M, Mask, from my dominatrix personal collection.

Dear LA, I am coming at you, I am coming at you strong. It’s just you, and me, and the filthiest bar I can find for NYE somwhere off Sunset. The ticket was expensive and I also added this jacket on—so send a guy my way who can support my Vodka diet habbit for one night. LA–I will see you NYE 2011, and I will be rocking my Messeca Coraline’s—taking LA by storm with some Portland chaos. #yabeenwarned.

*This contest is open globally. 2 winners will be selected. Each winner can select ONE pair of shoes from the Messeca Holiday offering. Get creative with your entry—we love it when you get crazy girl. One entry per person. Send submissions to Contest closed Friday Nov. 25 (Black Friday!!) at 12PM PST. Winners announced after we wake up from the turkey coma. Winners will be posted on our blog!

  • Ash

    Heck yeah!

  • Madison Theresa

    ANOTHER amazing giveaway, thanks so much!!!

  • Ms. C

    OMG! Free shoes!!!! A girl’s dream. I better WORK this!!!

  • Linda

    I’ve been trying to submit something but I keep getting a reply saying that the sending failed! :/