Wallet Found

I am not sure how this happened, but yesterday I found the wallet I carried during my junior and senior years of High School. I wont go into the disgusting game of numbers, the past, age, and well, the late 90′s, but I well say it has been a while. The wallet was jam packed with pictures of friends, of people I had hoped to have slept with by now, and of a few prom couples who I think have since divorced. This dream find sent me into a spiral of music moments that I felt needed to be shared here. Ladies and gents—here are the power jams which got me through my senior year, so get into it.

I mean….I grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon, just imagine how extreme I felt blasting this out of my powder blue Mercedes Benz when I drove onto campus the first day of school. Nobody noticed.

My mom would yell, “TURN IT DOWN” from outside my bedroom door. I would jump off my water bed, pumping an air guitar solo—then race to answer my see through Swatch Watch landline phone before my mom could answer it in the kitchen….”Hello. Yeah pick me up in ten minutes.”

Being a tormented teen in a small town wasn’t always dance parties and nights swimming at the lake…sometimes I had to slow it down with a super pre-emo-existing emotion filled power-ballad. I still have this one on my ipod’s most current rotation, and who can blame me!

And of course, when unplugged announced that they would be welcoming Nirvana to the iconic MTV stage, I nearly spilled my mocha.