Wanna Be On Top?


It’s no revolutionary news: sneakers are everywhere at the moment. Ladies used to attend fashion shows in skinny, strappy stilettos but it’s the bad bitches who now come wearing polos, some Proenza Schouler skirt and BAM, some New Balance runners. Am I allowed to say “le chic?” K, great. It’s le chic. And as all trends do, sneaker fever has trickled its way to the menswear world–and I don’t mean sneakers as in sneakerheads and Air Jordans. I’m talkin’ wearing a fuckin’ suit and some fancy watch, and pairin’ that shit with some fuckin’ trainers. Dig brah?

TOPMAN Spring 2013 trainers have taken my affection for ugly-cute, mismatch, and sportswear, and given me this:

The TMD Runner by Topman.

I love bad bitches that’s my fucking problem. 

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