We. Are. Stranded.

“Isolated in the middle of nowhere–three power babes fight the elements one fierce costume change at a time, as they wander the hills and valleys of Eastern Oregon seeking civilization and shelter from the pounding sun!” What sounds like the plot line to a very scary and odd late 90′s B horror flick is actually the concept that helped create our Fall Women’s Lookbook. Our creative team got crazy with this project–and it drops early next week on the site. Shot on location in Easter Oregon, by Erika Bates, the editorial brings to you a bucket list of all your Fall Footwear needs. As the weather turns cold, team sole struck turns up the heat on Fall Trends. Get ready—MALHEUR drops next week…and, it’s about to get crazy in here.

[Shown on Ashley Cheap Monday Ankle Boot, Arriving Soon to the site]