Call us one-track-minded but when it comes to New Year’s Eve outfits, we think the number one MOST IMPORTANT fashion element is the SHOES!!! Sparkly, super high, blinged out foot-goodness is what we crave and damnit, it’s just not a party without a proper party on your feet!

THUSLY—we’ve got a fun (and ya know, possibly life-changing) contest that could win you a $200 shopping credit to get yourself some cute party shoes for NYE!

We want to hear your 2013 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!
Post them on our FB page to win! Our Top 5 picks will win a $200 shopping credit! Top 10 Resolutions will be printed in our upcoming NYE lookbook.

Examples of resolutions around the office incld:

- “To not wear a bra more often”

- “Become 90s Liv Tyler/Drew Barrymore perfection”

- “My new years resolution is to finally bag  Taye Diggs, and to eat fewer carbs, but in that order.”

- “TO COLLECT LESS ACORNS! …. and more cats”

- “I want to grow a 3rd boob”

SO LETS HEAR IT! 2013 is almost here!  CONTEST ENDS FRIDAY DEC 14TH at 11:59 PST.

  • http://Website Erika

    2013 Resolution:

    To turn towards beauty every time!

  • Anna

    Not to be afraid to be bold and express your individuality

  • Fleur

    My resolution is to loose 50 pounds and do more crazy, random stuff because this is the life I was given so this is the life I am going to live, hard <3

  • Betty Oh

    To Be Silly, Wild & Free & Most importantly, to stay young at Heart!

  • Sherina

    To never give up on my dreams and continue to fight for them!

  • sheay

    Get my own business started so I can finally work doing something I love!!! And change my outlook on life. Give out positive to receive positive.

  • http://Website aby


    For the this new year my resolution was to be happy and why not be lucky!

  • Frenchy Nathalie

    Je devrais apprendre l’anglais!

  • Kim

    To spend more time with my little sister

  • Jumizah

    2013….to have more ugly shoes…I’m addicted to solestruck!!

  • Linda Bernstein

    Oh, I have a bunch…
    1) Ride a mechanical bull.
    2) Learn how to do a cartwheel (don’t judge me – I never learned).
    3) Do at least one thing that scares the shit out of me.
    4) Get on stage in front of a crowd.
    5) Sing karaoke at least 3 times in 2013.

    My list goes on and on…

  • http://Website Nicky

    I am petrified of heights. This year my resolution is to conquer this fear once and for all.
    I am going to find the tallest buildings with viewing platforms and wear my Jeffrey Campbells… so if i conquer this fear/fall to my death *delete as applicable* at least i will have done it in fabulous shoes!

  • Nemesia

    My resolution, a dream, travel all around the world!