You guys rule.

The 5 Resolutions below will win $200 in amazing shoe credit from solestruck (in no particular order):

1. Johanthan Calvin Johnson:
“My New Years Resolution Is To Walk Around With Less Clothing, In a Pair Of Lita Mans. We’re Talking Full Make-Up, and Hair, My Beard, and As Little Clothing As Possible.”

2.Teale Ryan-Knight:
“My New Years resolution is to become famous. I’d be a good famous person.”

3. Anthonny Gee’ :
“My 2013 resolutions are too, come out to my parents and live life happy with who i am, whether my parents accept it or not i know my mother will accept it , GRADUATE from High School & attend FIDM in the fall! Optimistic.”

4. Linda Bernstein:
“Oh, I have a bunch…
1) Ride a mechanical bull.
2) Learn how to do a cartwheel (don’t judge me – I never learned).
3) Do at least one thing that scares the shit out of me.
4) Get on stage in front of a crowd.
5) Sing karaoke at least 3 times in 2013.”

5. Aparna Brielle:
“New Years resolution: shoot for the stars, and land on the moon if I miss”

Below are the runner-up’s;  Which will also be printed in our NYE Lookbook: Resolutions!

Beatriz Maia:
“my new year’s resolution is to have enough shoes to put on a centipede. A human one. Yeah.”

Saba Zaman:
“my new year’s resoltuion is to go to South Korea, oh wait, North Korea has unicorns…. I shall go there. ”

Kritika Kripakaren:
“New Years Resolution: to kick people, often, on the left buttcheek. Gotta put these spikes to USE”

Erika Danielle Hagarty:
“My resolution is to wear less thongs, and wear more heels!!!”

Theo Rose:
“My New Years resolution is to perform in drag as my alter ego Atmos Fierce. She needs to be brought out for an amazing lip sync performance.”

(Winner’s will be contacted soon! If you’re a winner, please email:!)

  • Sunita

    Bummer.. D”:

  • Lakemonster

    I’m not just saying this bc you didn’t pick me, but you must not have had a lot of responses because..let’s be honest, your selections sucked ass. I thought you were looking for funny/interesting not cliche and boring. (You know you agree)

  • Jonnie Johnson

    I Can’t Believe I’m One Of The Winners!!

  • awbrie

    While I agree on some of them, Lakemonster, don’t be a sore loser!