Wear snakeskin like a star

Lipstick Jungle, Recently, snakeskin styles (real or just really good look-alikes) have been sneaking up from all corners the fashion scene. Word has it that reptilian prints and patterns might also be favored by designers this fall. Right now, we’re seeing it on some of TV’s newest hits, such as “Lipstick Jungle“. Nico Reilly, played by Kim Raver (center), wore a pair of Christian Diors in a recently aired episode that retails for around $560.

However, since most women don’t have shoe budget as large as the celebs whose styles we adore, Solestruck offers a variety of more reasonably-priced alternatives, like the Jessica Simpson Mando (below left) or the BCBGirls Fuller (below right). Both pumps offer a scintillating 3″+ heel, a front platform to add comfort and balance, a trendy peep toe, and of course, that sultry snakeskin. And the best part? Each price tag is less than 1/5 of the couture counterpart!

– Katie

Jessica Simpson MandoBCBGirls Fuller



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