Wearing Your Boots: Part II

And now for part deux of the how-to-wear-your-boots tutorial.

I luuuurrrrve tall boots. They’re totally versatile, and I think they just about always make an outfit extra chic.

Whomever said denim skirts can’t be chic are sorely mistaken. Not only do I wear mine all the time (okay, that’s not the best example), but they can be dressed up or dressed down.

Go for a timeless Americana or naughty secretary look by pairing an exquisitely cut denim pencil skirt (front buttons are always tres fab!) that hits right below the knee with super-tall slinky boots, like the Jeffrey Campbell Flawless, one of my favorite boots this season.

I also love to wear denim skirts with tailored button-downs, topped off with a cozy sweater. Do you love those boots? I totally do!

Is this winter going to be especially chilly for you? Want to stay bundled up? Go for Eskimo chic…something totally comfy and furry and warm, yet super stylish.

Start with a pair of Sugar Parka Boots. With a modest wedge, you’ll gain a little height. And a furry lining and button-up shaft add major texture (not to mention warmth!). Boots like these are meant to be shown off. Try these bad boys with a pair of skinny jeans tucked inside the shaft for a pretty sleek look.

Then get your warm on! Layer, layer, layer. A soft turtleneck underneath a sweet cable-knit sweater will keep you toasty fireside, while a thick yet tailored parka jacket combined with glittens and a comfy hat will ensure your warmth when playing snowbunny.

All right, kids. For the sake of brevity, let me be candid and say I AM NOT A FAN OF LEGGINGS. Seriously, people. WTF? First it was just the plain leggings. Okay. Then people wearing leggings with nothing covering them (these bad boys are just as revealing as pantyhose). And then, to make matters worse, came the LATEX leggings. Uggh.

That said, certain leggings, worn properly, can be used in lieu of tights, and can be a much warmer alternative. Wear them with a flowy dress and a pair of cool concealed-wedged boots like the 80%20 May and you have a lovely and classy ensemble.

I like the bold red of the dress and lipstick along with the downplayed monochromatic palette of blacks and greys, echoed in the acrylic flower ring, and the sassy zebra-print belt.

So there you have it! Go wear some boots now.




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