The second day of our Black Friday weekend is going well. With sale shoes all at an additional 40% off things are getting crazy up in here. We’re glad to see that those of you with major love affairs to your specific kicks—are not chancing the wait until Sunday (we’ve been slammed today!). As you know we will bump over to 50% off starting at midnight—PST, so shit is bound to get crazy…..but I’m not waiting…I picked up my wishlist today. I couldn’t handle having my heart broken. Don’t get me wrong—this does not mean that I won’t be picking up some of my second tier favorites tomorrow—if they are left after the shit-storm. (Dear Solestruck website, please do not break after midnight.)

Here’s what I walked away with—-shoe/walk pun intended.

#1 The ACNE Star, I call these my big girl grown up boots. Because I can!

No. 2 I picked up these sneakers from MM6. I call this my “step on my toe and I’ll cut you bitch,” look.

I never wear sneakers, so I like to let people know I can be a downtown girl too, if the looque is right.

And finally—No. 3 I wanted something outrageous for those, “Look at me” or “You never know, I might” moments.

I love a shoe that let’s people know that I DO-NOT-GIVE-A-FUCK!