What Happens In Vegas…

…ends up on! And all over your new Buffalo sneakers!


If you don’t know by now, I’m Grizzelle. Well, my First name is “Dominic” but I prefer Grizzelle–but I mean its totally up to you. I’m an eighteen-year-old photographer, fashion whore, shoe perv and blogger who runs THIS and THIS. If I look familiar, it’s likely because I’m the tall-ass black boy who wore camo drop-crotch pants and red TBA Dungeon shoes on Solestruck’s banner a few weeks back; and I guess I was just fierce enough to become Solestruck’s youngest guest blogger EVA.

*flips 32-inch weave and crosses legs

Today, I give you an exclusive peek inside the MAGIC TRADE SHOW bonanza that everyone was instagramming about  (is that how the verb conjugation of “instagram” is spelled? Whatever.).

The first day was pretty surreal. I mean… I’m casually sitting at lunch with the big cheese of Solestruck, sippin’ on peach lemonade while he tells me how he loves my blog. No biggie. I was supirised to see some people at the show know who I was, while the people who didn’t were kind of like “umm, who the hell is this weird-ass 6’1″ kid walking into my booth;” until they saw my badge read “SOLESTRUCK” and they were offering me candies ahaha…

For D-1, I decided to wear my new Buffalo 2208 hidden wedge sneakers. I initially wasn’t into sneaker wedges… but from the moment they arrived on my porch, I was literally half naked, giving Vogue with a capital V. Paris Hilton Burger King commercial realness. For the show, I paired them with an awesome plaid train I made. I loved how it moved while I walked past all those MAGIC booths.